IPO’s often turn into huge successes. Google and Facebook are easy examples.  There are many solid reasons for a company to go public. Cash is an obvious one. Typically, IPOs raise between $100 million and $150 million. Going public is considered significant achievement, because a publicly traded company must adhere to strict federal regulations. This […]

Common Private Equity Strategies for Investors Private equity are assets consisting of equity securities and debt in operating companies not traded publicly on a stock exchange. A private equity investment is usually made by a private equity firm, a venture capital firm, or an investor. Each of these investors has its own goals and missions […]

Investing in Private Equity If one ponders the historical data in reference to private equity investing one can comprehend why investors consider it to be a worthwhile venture. When juxtaposed to other investment types (Nasdaq and the S&P 500), private equity offers the best return. In some circumstances, the return associated with private equity is […]

How to Avoid Failure in M&A Although one enters an M&A deal know knowing the inherent risk that the deal will sour, one may not know how often it happens. The Harvard Business Review claims that the fail rate is near 90%. Multiple studies agree that a deal is far more likely to fail than […]

A question I am most often asked by business owners is “What makes Merit Harbor Group different?” Indeed, it is a fair question to ask. After all, with the plethora of investment banks out there, what makes any of them stand out from the rest? Perhaps our biggest differentiating factor involves our process. Due to […]

CEO’s and business owners will have too much or too little of it at some point in their company’s lifecycle. How you respond to these eventualities are critical to your company’s success as well as your personal and professional development. Inherent in the management of any business, there is a dynamic interplay between cash and […]

Author: Mark Spickett There are three metrics for both public and private Middle Market companies that drive acquisition value: 1. Growth – Historical revenue growth trajectory and consistency of growth. 2. Earnings – Acquiring companies buy streams of cash flows/profits. 3. Size – The larger the firm the better (more reliable cash flows/less perceived risk). […]

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Apple Sauce  Last week my financial advisor suggested I buy some Apple stock so I picked up a few shares. Then this happened: This graph illustrates two things: 1. Never ask me for a stock tip. 2. Companies trade on the future, not the past Today the S&P 500 is trading at around 7.5 times […]