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Three metrics for both public and private Middle Market companies drive acquisition value: Growth – Historical revenue growth rate and consistency of growth. Earnings – Acquiring companies buy streams of cash flows/profits. Size – The larger the firm the better (more reliable cash flows/less perceived risk). There is no secret sauce or formula as to […]

Grow Fast & Exit Profitably!™ Interviewer: Mark Soupiset Participant: Craig Dickens: Principal / M&A Advisor | One Accord ______________________________________________________________ Hi and thank you for joining us for this episode of Mid-Market Update. I am your Host Mark Soupiset. We are joined again today by Certified M&A Advisor and One Accord Principal Craig Dickens. Mark: Craig […]

Grow Fast & Exit Profitably! ™  is a proprietary process designed to systematically help entrepreneurs and corporate strategic business units reach unprecedented growth and a bullet-proof plan for the sale or transition of their business for maximum value – Regardless of market conditions. Unlike many intermediary / transaction based sources Grow Fast & Exit Profitably! […]

Marketing and Sales are by nature heavy cost centers as they are labor intensive, yet these areas provide Business Owners and CEO’s the least amount of objective quantifiable information to make good business decisions.  Moreover an accurate ROI on marketing and sales investments after the fact is nearly impossible to figure.   Let’s face it, […]

I’ll admit I have had my share of excuses. Although like a good tonic it makes the upset go away for a second, however the excuses do not solve a problem or provide a path forward.  Simply, excuses are Band-Aids.  As managers and entrepreneurs and CEO’s we must strive daily to set a course for […]