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Apple Sauce  Last week my financial advisor suggested I buy some Apple stock so I picked up a few shares. Then this happened: This graph illustrates two things: 1. Never ask me for a stock tip. 2. Companies trade on the future, not the past Today the S&P 500 is trading at around 7.5 times […]

Three metrics for both public and private Middle Market companies drive acquisition value: Growth – Historical revenue growth rate and consistency of growth. Earnings – Acquiring companies buy streams of cash flows/profits. Size – The larger the firm the better (more reliable cash flows/less perceived risk). There is no secret sauce or formula as to […]

Grow Fast & Exit Profitably!™ Interviewer: Mark Soupiset Participant: Craig Dickens: Principal / M&A Advisor | One Accord ______________________________________________________________ Hi and thank you for joining us for this episode of Mid-Market Update. I am your Host Mark Soupiset. We are joined again today by Certified M&A Advisor and One Accord Principal Craig Dickens. Mark: Craig […]