A question I am most often asked by business owners is “What makes Merit Harbor Group different?” Indeed, it is a fair question to ask. After all, with the plethora of investment banks out there, what makes any of them stand out from the rest? Perhaps our biggest differentiating factor involves our process. Due to the fact that we in the banking world use the terms “transaction”, “acquisition”, and “recapitalization”, we realize this may give the illusion as though we are simply present for a one-time occasion. Admittedly, other firms sometimes approach these crucial events as if they were simpler than they are. Instead, we choose to take the time to build our relationships with our clients, work through building a process by which we are going to move forward, and progress ultimately to the final goal of creating real value and producing quantitative results.

Because we build these relationships, we are able to plan out a road map for our clients to achieve success. Too often I have heard tragedies of impatient sellers leaving money on the table, so to speak, because they were not diligent in seeking out and capturing every bit of value from their company. Too often I have seen companies give too much of their equity away for too little capital. It is an unfortunate circumstance because as a business owner, your company represents a part of your legacy – and we believe that your efforts in building up a company, whether it is an empire or a small business, should be fairly rewarded.

Plan Ahead: The best thing a business owner can do for themselves is to constantly be thinking about the future of the company and their role in it. Exit planning is a necessity. Companies ultimately come to one of two outcomes with regards to their original owners– they are either sold or they go under. As a business owner, you owe it to yourself to look years into the future at the end goal, and begin by taking the appropriate steps to achieve it. That is where a lot of our advisory work takes place. We are able to offer comprehensive and strategic road-mapping as we help you achieve your goals and capture your created value.

If you are planning on raising capital, be sure you have clearly identified how the additional capital will be used. Don’t use roundabout figures, be exact. The more thought and work you put into your strategy, the easier it is to communicate your vision to your team and your associates – whether internal or external.

In summation, we are different because we take a more comprehensive approach as a firm. We build long lasting relationships and we work tirelessly to ensure that our clients continue to be successful. As a firm we have a broad variety of industry focuses and we are continuing to expand geographically. We develop strategies and processes to help our clients succeed, because ultimately, your legacy matters.

Joey Stevens

Business Development

Merit Harbor Group