Category: Exit Planning

Anyone can exit; however, exiting profitably takes both mental and financial preparedness and the right team on your side. Selling your company takes a plan. As we examined in a previous Blog “Are You Mentally Ready To Sell” being mentally ready to sell your business is the first step to looking at our life’s work […]

Learn the 3 Driving Forces That Build Company Value Having been on both sides of the table, Craig Dickens brings first hand experience and professionalism to the age old question of “What’s my business worth”. In this interview he shares how to shift from working IN your business to working ON your business and the […]

Sometimes M&A opportunities hinge on being ready to take the leap. Middle market companies involved in mergers and acquisitions overwhelmingly agree they could have been prepared better. The good news is that the same tactics that prepare your company for a deal also help it run better every day. Here are a few simple tactics […]

A question I am most often asked by business owners is “What makes Merit Harbor Group different?” Indeed, it is a fair question to ask. After all, with the plethora of investment banks out there, what makes any of them stand out from the rest? Perhaps our biggest differentiating factor involves our process. Due to […]