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Sometimes M&A opportunities hinge on being ready to take the leap. Middle market companies involved in mergers and acquisitions overwhelmingly agree they could have been prepared better. The good news is that the same tactics that prepare your company for a deal also help it run better every day. Here are a few simple tactics […]

Merit Harbor Capital, a Seattle-Tacoma based investment bank, was recently awarded the prestigious Acquisition International’s award for Leading M&A Adviser of the Year – USA. “A healthy U.S. economy has resulted in a robust market for business owners looking to sell,” said Craig Dickens, Co-Founder & CEO of Merit Harbor. “We are very grateful to […]

Merit Harbor Capital Announces Image Options’ Acquisition of Splash! Events Merit Harbor Capital, a Seattle-based investment bank with offices throughout the Western U.S., is pleased to announce Image Options’ acquisition of Splash! Events, Inc. Craig Dickens, Co-Founder and CEO of Merit Harbor, stated: “Image Options is a diversified manufacturer and a market leader in Wide-Format […]

Blockchain’s Disrupting Role in Investment Banking Blockchain technology makes it feasible to track the exchange of virtually anything (houses, money, car titles, stocks) without the necessity of relying on one single entity (i.e. a bank) to act as an intermediary. Instead of relying on a middleman, blockchains are databases (i.e. super-powered spreadsheets) that run across […]

IPO’s often turn into huge successes. Google and Facebook are easy examples.  There are many solid reasons for a company to go public. Cash is an obvious one. Typically, IPOs raise between $100 million and $150 million. Going public is considered significant achievement, because a publicly traded company must adhere to strict federal regulations. This […]

Common Private Equity Strategies for Investors Private equity are assets consisting of equity securities and debt in operating companies not traded publicly on a stock exchange. A private equity investment is usually made by a private equity firm, a venture capital firm, or an investor. Each of these investors has its own goals and missions […]

A question I am most often asked by business owners is “What makes Merit Harbor Group different?” Indeed, it is a fair question to ask. After all, with the plethora of investment banks out there, what makes any of them stand out from the rest? Perhaps our biggest differentiating factor involves our process. Due to […]