Category: Managing Risk

Restructuring: Think ahead before you need it Restructuring is typically not on the tip of the tongues of CEO’s that are running profitable companies. However, we can take a page from restructuring to address the current position many companies find themselves in today. “Sometimes the best offense is a good defense.” Many companies have taken […]

Being mentally ready to sell your business is the first step to looking at our life’s work in terms of its reward and contribution to your future. As entrepreneurs we are by nature definitive and driven yet flexible and adaptive to market conditions. These same characteristics allow us to single-mindedly advance our businesses over difficult […]

CEO’s and business owners will have too much or too little of it at some point in their company’s lifecycle. How you respond to these eventualities are critical to your company’s success as well as your personal and professional development. Inherent in the management of any business, there is a dynamic interplay between cash and […]